Airflow Control Valves

Afri Air Ventilation is the sole African Distributor for Phoenix Controls. Phoenix Controls products are comprised of four major categories to provide complete systems and critical application solutions. The core of all these solutions is our valves and controllers. Sensor and monitors for both spaces and devices such as fume hoods augment our system controls at the room level. Finally, our network integration products provide an important interface to the overall building control system.

Acell® II Venturi Valve

Phoenix Controls offers solutions for all critical airflow applications whether it’s research in wet chemistry laboratories, the multi-discipline environments of Life Sciences, or the wide-range of healthcare spaces requiring proper directional airflow. While these markets and applications may differ, they all share the requirement of maintaining proper pressurization of spaces. [Read more...]

Celeris® Laboratory Solutions

The Celeris® brand of products are designed specifically for fume-hood intensive, high-level containment and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and protects researchers and safeguards the integrity of a research environment in critical control environments while offering optimum energy efficiency. [Read more...]

Tracell® Life Science Solutions

The Traccel® brand of products are designed specifically for life science facilities and can easily accommodate changes in airflow demands, reduce future HVAC renovation costs, maintain the environmental integrity of a research facility, and help earn the points to achieve an organization’s LEED goals. [Read more...]

Theris® Healthcare Solutions

The Theris® brand of products are designed specifically for hospitals and critical care facilities and can help facility owners reduce maintenance costs, reduce the spread of airborne pathogens and conserve more energy. [Read more...]